Uyuni was conceived on the summer of 2006. Everything was ready to shoot when something unexpected happened: it rained. The rain turned the Bonneville Salt flats into a very nice lake... So we had to wait for the next year to dry.

A year passed and Mike Hedge and the rest of the incredible crew made the shooting not only possible but really enjoyable. Two things that made this project something truly unique:

The first one, the camera we used. The original RED ONE had had just been released 3 weeks prior the shoot, so we got to use on one of the first available units.

The second one is the experience that shooting this short film meant. And more in particular the people who made it possible. In a place lost in the middle of nowhere, we all shared a unique experience impossible to forget. One of those experiences you only live once in your life.

Zac&Mac discussing about where to go for dinner.

The best crew ever!

And here is some BTS footage.